Debt Neglector- ‘The Kids Are Pissed’

The Kids Are Pissed (Smart Punk Records) by Debt Neglector is the follow up to their 2017 album Atomicland.  The six-song, 15 minute EP is everything you would expect from a punk band in 2018 looking to express their discontent at the current state of affairs.

Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Debt Neglector is a four-piece band made up of Alex Goldfarb on vocals and bass, Chris Pfister and Chris Kretzer on guitars, and Zac Anderson on drums.  These guys are clearly not pleased with what they are seeing in the news.  They have taken their anger and embarrassment turning it into music that is a scathing condemnation of the alt-right, discriminatory immigration practices, elitist attitudes and anything else related to the fall of the so-called American Dream that has given so much fodder to the punk scene over the years.

dn 2

With a sound that is a balance of both old- and new-school punk, Debt Neglector has put together a collection of songs that are immediately memorable and catchy.  The songs are fast, angry and in your face but not at the expense of coming across preachy or condescending.

The opening track, “Scared of U.S” is a wake-up call placing blame on all Americans, not just a few people, for creating situations that has many people around the world worried of how the circus that is American politics will affect them.  It’s a call to arms to do what we can to fix this situation.

The final track of the EP, the namesake “The Kids Are Pissed”, is a warning to the older generations that the kids of the country (and really of the world) are realizing that the younger generations have been stepped on and taken advantage of by those that were supposed to be taking care of them and aren’t going to stand for it.

The Kids Are Pissed will be released October 26 via Smart Punk Records and will be available digitally, on CD or limited edition picture disc.

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