A Decade Apart – ‘Premonitions Part 1’

A Decade Apart is a 5-piece electronic post-hardcore band from Columbus, Ohio. As stated by the group, “the band got the title from the struggles that individuals face every day with their thoughts and relationships within their daily life.”


In 2018 the band made top 10 finalist in The Battle for Rock on the Range and featured in Walkout FC’s MMA event. ADA is set to release their second EP Premonitions Part 1 October 19.

Check out our interview with Tim and Sean of A Decade Apart.

ST: How did A Decade Apart come together and get it’s start?
Sean: Donnie, Josh, and I played in a band together years ago called Silent Days. That band fizzled out and we all took a break from music for a while. A couple years later Donnie and Josh were getting back into music and I saw that they were looking for a bass player so I hit them up. We then found a guitarist and drummer to round out the band and decided on a new name.
Tim: I first played with A Decade Apart back in early August of 2016, while drumming in the band BAD GUN. After a few months, a friend of mine had told me ADA was looking for a new drummer. Wanting to play more shows, I reached out to ADA and spoke with Sean over the next couple of days. He sent me tracks that had been recorded and were about to be released on the EP. I came to practice a week later, and was told the following day that they wanted me full time. I’ve been playing with them ever since.

ST: What bands/artists influenced the music in your upcoming EP?
Sean: One band that comes to mind would be Palisades which I’m super pumped to be playing with this month. A lot of my influences come from A Day To Remember, Killswitch Engage, and I Prevail just to name a few.
Tim: Asking Alexandria, I See Stars, and Palisades are probably the top 3 influences for me in my recent writing. There are so many more bands that have such a huge impact on how I write.

ST: What was the hardest obstacle to over-come during the process of this EP?
Sean: Writing and recording an EP is never easy. It is always a challenge to find time to write new music when dealing with a busy show schedule, personal schedules, and dealing with personal matters.
Tim: Writing slower songs and not just playing fast and heavy all the time. Learning to play to the song and not just play how I want.

ST: How do you plan on supporting your release of “Premonitions Part 1” throughout 2018?
Sean: We will be very busy when it comes to supporting “Premonitions Part 1”. Other than playing shows we will be working on various video content for our fans. In addition, we are tossing around some ideas where we can hang out with our fans in a more personal level.
Tim: We couldn’t be happier with how our EP turned out, and would love for as many people to hear it and tell all their friends about how much they like it! We only have a few shows left in 2018, and as amazing as these songs are recorded, they’re even more amazing in person! Keeping hard copies of these available for fans at shows will be tough!

ST: If you could choose any local band(s) and one major band to tour with who would you choose and why?
Sean: A local band that I would like to tour with would be Avanti. I would love to tour with A Day To Remember one day. They seem like some fun dudes.
Tim: Avanti, Hey There Hollywood, The World I Knew and Kienemy would be a pretty dope line-up! If I had to pick one national band, it would probably be I See Stars.

ST: List 3 words that best describe A Decade Apart?
Sean: Energetic, personable, easygoing
Tim: Fan first, Energetic, Relatable

For more on A Decade Apart:
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