Ever Elsewhere – ‘The Homes We’ve Known’

FOMO:  Fear of Missing Out.  And missing out is exactly what is happening if you have yet to discover Ever Elsewhere.  The quintet from various locales across Southern Ontario, Canada are set to release their new EP The Homes We’ve Known on October 12th, 2018.

Ever Elsewhere-30 Credit Lindsey Blane

The soaring vocal range of lead singer Brenan Clarke combines with the lush guitars of Henry Dowling and Mike Bielawski and the steady rhythm section of bassist James Clarke and drummer Eleanor Grace consistently across the six track collection to form a thing of absolute beauty.

Despite their short tenure, Ever Elsewhere is more established musically than dozens of other bands that have been active for years, which can be easily heard in lead single “Momentary”.

The Homes We’ve Known utilizes the influence of early Jimmy Eat World and Further Seems Forever as the building blocks for a sound that is unique to Ever Elsewhere.  The talent of the band is being noticed across the globe, as having been a band for only a few short months they are already drawing almost 6000 monthly Spotify listeners both from North America and the United Kingdom.

It is abundantly clear that every member of Ever Elsewhere has poured their heart and soul into The Homes We’ve Known and it is very deserving of taking its place as one of the best releases of 2018.

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