Aburden – ‘The Last Goodbye’

Have you ever heard a song for the first time and it had such an effect on you that you listen to it on repeat for days? What if every song on the album had that effect on you? From the second I started listening to Aburden’s upcoming EP, The Last Goodbye, I knew it was going to be the only thing I listened to for the foreseeable future.


Recently signed to Greyscale Records, this alternative/melodic hardcore Melbourne-based band drops their sophomore EP The Last Goodbye on Friday, October 12th. The first song, “My Best Friend,” immediately draws you in with the haunting piano and powerful vocals. It serves as a build-up for the rest of the album. It perfectly flows into the next song, “Sorry,” which is one of my personal favorites from this collection. The combination of music, vocals, screaming and spoken word keep you wondering what’s next and yearning for more.

More is exactly what you get with the next song, “Don’t Say.” There is so much passion and heart in that song. It’s music you can feel. The last line of the song is “I’m so sorry,” and you can feel the pain and truth in his voice.

The first single released off this album, “One for You,” serves as an anthem of sorts. With lyrics like “Its okay to not be okay,” I felt myself wanting to see this band live and chant these words with a crowd of people. The next song, “Need You,” is the latest single to be released. You can feel the emotion behind the singing and screaming and the variation of the vocals work together flawlessly.

The song that hit me the most off this album was “19.” The intensity of the lyrics and the vulnerability behind the vocals gave me goosebumps. It is followed by another incredible song, “To the Sky.”  The album ends just as it began: powerful, moving, and leaving you wanting more with “My Old Friend.”

I had never heard of Aburden until now and as soon as I listened to this album, I immediately downloaded their first EP because I couldn’t get enough. This album offers a little bit of everything for everyone regardless what genre of music you prefer. I highly recommend this album and I look forward to what Aburden puts out in the future.

aburden 2

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