The Sonder Bombs – ‘Modern Female Rockstar’

If I’m picturing myself getting ready for a show, mascara in hand hyping myself in the mirror, this is the album I’d be doing it to. Modern Female Rockstar by The Sonder Bombs paints a beautiful picture of self-worth, the good and bad of what it means to be in a relationship these days, and what it means to be a girl in today’s punk rock scene. Willow Hawks’ vocals paired with the band’s talent creates a vibe that can’t be ignored.

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“Title” is the first released single from this album and it packs a punch. The first thirty seconds of the song points out the fact that this scene is heavily male dominated and in order for a girl to get the attention her talent so deserves, she either has to “be” someone’s or work twice as hard as her male counterpart to be more than the “merch girl.”

“U(ke) is not enough” is a sarcastic take on what I’m assuming people have told the band about their music, and a fantastic confident response. The breakdown in “Something I said” is nothing short of amazing, and a great showcase of the band’s ability. “Pot and Kettle” is for sure the song you’ll be singing to that ex who just won’t let go. In contrast, “Wild” is a beautiful, vulnerable take on the intimacy of relationships paired with Hawks’ talent.

But my personal favorite is the first track of the album; “Atom.” Possessing self-worth and knowing when it’s time to cut someone out because they’re bringing you down can be the hardest part of growing up. This song is a perfect call out to that friend or significant other who may be killing your vibe and the upbeat tempo of this track will be a fun reminder.

All in all, this album has something for everyone. Be sure to check out Modern Female Rockstar by The Sonder Bombs dropping October 12th via Take This To Heart Records!

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