New Music Friday: September 28, 2018


Today is simply loaded with incredible, hard working bands releasing music they poured their hearts and souls into. This may be one of the more packed ‘New Music Friday’ pieces we’ve had in some time, and we’re surely not complaining! Help with our mission to support the music community – check out the bands below, show them some love on the socials, and tell a friend about what you’re hearing. Word of mouth will always remain a powerful tool and can help connect us to others.

Hippo Campus – Bambi

Forget the silliness that some present when bands head into their sophomore release, Woodbury, Minnesota’s Hippo Campus rolls smoothly into the infectious new album Bambi. It’s unique, diverse, and will keep you interested from start to finish.

First Ghost – This Place Is A Movie

Check out Dan’s review of This Place Is A Movie from earlier this week, here.

The Foreword – Coffee Cups & Second Shots

The debut EP from Atlanta, Georgia’s adorably infectious indie-pop duo, Coffee Cups & Second Shots is full of relatable lyrics painting images of past relationships, friendships, and a variety of emotions. We are proud to have Maggie Schneider as a contributor at Spinning Thoughts and implore you to jam this gorgeous new EP!

Four Seconds Ago – The Vacancy

This album will provide you with one amazingly vivid, euphoric listening experience. Consisting of Periphery members Misha Mansoor and Jake Bowen, this inaugural release is going to quickly become a go-to on your favorite listening device.

The Black Queen – Infinite Games

This synth-driven follow up to the debut album Fever Daydream, The Black Queen will impress with their hypnotic vibes and soothing tones in the sophomore effort titled Infinite Games.

Palaye RoyaleBoom Boom Room (Side B)

It’s safe to say Palaye Royale has one of the most dedicated, supportive fan bases in the music community. The highly anticipated follow up to the debut Boom Boom Room (Side A), this follow up collection will not only meet the expectations of a very loyal fan base but surely exceed them for anyone who takes the time to listen.

Tilian The Skeptic

Dance Gavin Dance frontman Tilian Pearson releases his third solo album with The Skeptic. This album will get you out of your seat and in the mood to sing, dance, and feel good. This is an album we have been spinning for the last few weeks in advance of its release and we cannot recommend it more!

Beartooth – Disease

Check back for Jay’s review of Disease over at Metal Thoughts, soon!

Against The CurrentPast Lives

What can be said about Against The Current that has not already been said? One of the most anticipated releases of the Fall, and perhaps for 2018, Past Lives is an exciting second LP from the Poughkeepsie, NY trio.

What are your thoughts on the new music out this week? Did we miss your favorite band/artist? Leave it in the comments down below or hit us up on Twitter: @SpinThoughts!

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