First Ghost – This Place Is A Movie

Toronto quartet First Ghost return with their latest EP This Place Is A Movie, due for release on September 28th, 2018.


Fronted by acclaimed producer Anton DeLost and rounded out by guitarist Mike Tompa, bassist Michael Cisterna and drummer Danny Foster-Roman, First Ghost’s sound would not have been out of place alongside 90s standouts Sunny Day Real Estate or most of what could be found on Jade Tree Records or Deep Elm Records at that time.


They have succeeded in taking this vibe and fitting it nicely into the musical landscape of 2018 without in any way sounding or feeling derivative.  The lead hook of opening track “Bury Me” instantly draws the listener in with its mesmerizing beauty and is quickly followed up by the sparkling energy of “Burnt Out”.

The remainder of the collection, including the bouncy “Stay Tonight”, lead single “Waiting” and two further tracks will serve both as a worthy introduction to First Ghost for new listeners, and will confirm for longtime fans that along with his bandmates, DeLost is not only extremely skilled at producing music, but also at making it.

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