New Music Friday: September 21, 2018


Did you ever wake up one day and just wish there was an immense amount of new music for you to consume, enjoy, and become one with? Every Friday we bring you our favorite bands releasing new music to brighten your world. Help us in this endeavor by supporting the bands on this list. Share with a friend so they can feel the good vibes that exist within the music. Today is a good day and you are loved.


Goalkeeper – “Nothing At All”

The Foreword – “Roses”

VISTA – “Born for Blood”


Living With Lions – Island

Subways on the Sun – Capsize

We Are The Movies…Or Get Busy Dying

Joyce ManorMillion Dollars to Kill Me

The Story So FarProper Dose

What are your thoughts on the new music out this week? Did we miss anything from your favorite band/artist? Let us know in the comments down below or hit us up on Twitter: @SpinThoughts!

TAGS: Goalkeeper | The Foreword | VISTA | Living With Lions | Subways on the Sun | We Are The Movies | Joyce Manor | The Story So Far

Twitter: @SpinThoughts

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