Fit For A King – ‘Dark Skies’


There’s something fitting about Dark Skies being released on Holy Cross Day.  The fifth studio album from Dallas, Texas collective Fit For A King, due for release on September 14th, 2018 via Solid State Records is a metalcore masterpiece.

Maligned and yet unapologetic for their Christian faith, the members of Fit For A King have crafted ten tracks that bear witness to the fact that in Christ, hope triumphs over despair.  The culmination of this theme is found in the record’s closing track and lead single “Oblivion”.

Vocalist Ryan Kirby exclaims in the first verse of the song: “I look into the sky / I’m crying out your name / I’ve made mistakes and I’m the only one to blame”, which near the conclusion of “Oblivion” becomes: “I look into the sky / I’m crying out your name / I made mistakes but you forgave me!”


Lyrics such as this, combined with stunning breakdowns and expertly woven clean vocals, Fit For A King has created something authentic to who they are, a proclamation that mercy triumphs over judgement.

You can catch Fit For A King on tour this Fall with The Devil Wears Prada starting September 26 in Portland, Oregon!


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