Boston Manor – ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’


Welcome to the Neighbourhood, the second full-length from Boston Manor, due for release on September 7th 2018 via Pure Noise Records, is like a boxer that hits hard and fast.  The Blackpool, UK quintet have unashamedly pushed musical boundaries and are unafraid to tackle heavy subjects throughout this thirteen track sophomore effort.

Lead single “Halo”, with its eerie guitar hook, explores the horrors of drug addiction while illustrating the band’s musical progression well.  It, and the rest of the tracks on Neighbourhood, clearly come out of the existing DNA of Boston Manor’s music, yet are unafraid to pursue new directions.

Fans expecting a record full of upbeat riffs and lively choruses which have prompted Boston Manor to be described as “pop-punk” in the past are in for a surprise. “Before we were scared to try stuff, whereas on this record there were no limits” shares lead vocalist Henry Cox.

Cox, along with bandmates Mike Cunniff, Dan Cunniff, Ash Wilson and Jordan Pugh very noticeably approached Neighbourhood with no fear and created what they wanted to, resulting in their evolving sound.  Fans on both sides of the Atlantic, and even near the Pacific, will have the opportunity to experience the Boston Manor of 2018 live as the band is set for a string of shows throughout the UK in September beginning on the album release date before they head to North America in support of Real Friends from October 17th until November 25th.  Then will follow Boston Manor’s debut in Japan from December 2nd through December 4th.




Fans who venture to these shows can take Welcome to the Neighbourhood as their warning: Buckle up, we aren’t in Kansas anymore.

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