Atreyu announces new album – ‘In Our Wake’ out October 12


Orange County’s Atreyu announced today the next addition to their healthy music arsenal: In Our Wake will drop October 12 via Spinefarm Records and Search and Destroy Records.

“It’s a deep one,” says singer Alex Varkatzas. “We looked up to Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, and their deaths were fresh during the writing process. It made us think of what we’ll leave in our wake. We have a choice to change the lives of others for the better.”

The band has shared two brand new songs from the album — the title track, which is also a video, and “Anger Left Behind.”

In Our Wake sees Atreyu once again evolving. The first single and title track hinges on a slow burning, but bombastic percussive buildup before charging ahead with an undeniable chant and fiery fretwork.

“This album is sort of a happy place for Atreyu,” says drummer/singer Brandon Saller. ‘We’ve gone down many roads. We’ve always been a diverse band that tried new things but this is different. This is a whole new level.”

Following a two-year tour cycle for 2015’s Long Live, Atreyu regrouped in Southern California and started sharing ideas for what would become offering number seven. Ceremoniously, they all agreed it would be the right time to reunite with producer John Feldmann who famously helmed Lead Sails and Paper Anchor.

Alex Varkatzas — Vocals
Brandon Saller — Drums/Vocals
“BIG”Dan Jacobs — Guitar
Travis Miguel — Guitar
Porter McKnight — Bass

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Twitter: @SpinThoughts

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