Wave Break’s upcoming EP is full of honesty and angst

WB 2

Wave Break is an up-and-coming pop punk band that you should get to know. Based out of New Jersey, the female-fronted band is one that I’ve kept up with for a few months – It’s always exciting for me to connect with other women in the scene who are putting their hearts and souls into their music. Kelly Barber and her talented band mates showcase their commitment to their craft in their upcoming EP, Amory, which is set to release on August 17, 2018.

WB 1

The six track project explores the reoccurring theme of moving forward. Many of the stories the band tells have to do with the importance of honesty, as well as navigating through rocky relationships. The tone and style of Armory is very reminiscent of a young Tonight Alive.

“Plaster City” is a track that begins with confident vocals and distorted guitars. Barber’s voice is strong, and the band doesn’t hold anything back. The next tracks are consistently high-energy and cohesive – my favorite, “If You Were Awake,” is about someone losing themselves and leaving a mess behind them. “You can’t fall on the edge without falling below” is definitely my favorite lyric from this EP.

If you’re looking for an angsty new band to add to your playlist, then you will love Wave Break. Catch them on their Northeastern Tour this August and September, and be sure to send them some love.

WB 3

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