Photo Spotlight: Turbowolf and Royal Blood

Recently I’ve been trying to step out of my comfort zone a little more. I figured there wasn’t a better way to do that than go to a concert for bands whose genre I don’t normally listen to. When I saw that two rock bands from the UK were coming to Pittsburgh, I knew that I had to go!


Turbowolf is a crazy energetic band from Bristol. Frontman Chris Georgiadis constantly moved around stage and engaged with the audience.


They opened with “Cheap Magic” off their newest album The Free Life. The quick tempo of the song got the audience moving instantly.


The opening band seemed to quickly win over the audience. That was until Georgiadis referred to them as Pitts-y. I found the pun on our city’s name hilarious, but it earned quite a few boo’s from the audience.


They ended their set with “Let’s Die” from their self-titled album. The bass in the song was so deep it made my nose ring vibrate!


Turbowolf put on an incredible show. I’m definitely catching them next time they’re back in town, and I highly recommend you do the same.


Royal Blood

Royal Blood is a duo from Brighton. Ben Thatcher is on the drums and Mike Kerr sings and plays the bass.


They didn’t have any fancy stage setup. They only had a microphone, the set of drums, and big lights. Neither one of the men on stage moved around too much. Thatcher was behind his drums and Kerr had a broken foot. Despite this, it was still one of the best shows I have ever seen.


Royal Blood opened with “Figure it Out” off of their self-titled album.


You know a band has great music when they aren’t doing anything fancy on stage, but the audience is still having a great time.


Everyone was so engaged with the music and the two guys on stage. They were making up for the fact that the two band members didn’t move around. People on the balcony were head banging so hard I was afraid they were going to fall. Others in the pit were crowd surfing.


Towards the end of the show, Kerr hobbled off to the side giving Thatcher the spotlight. What followed was an intense drum solo. It started out slow, but quickly built into something that had the whole audience cheering.


Royal Blood ended their set with “How Did We Get So Dark” and “Out of the Black.”


As everyone was leaving the venue you could tell they were sad the night was over. Honestly, I was too! Both bands put on an incredible show. It was so fun stepping out of my comfort zone and going to a concert I usually wouldn’t.  I definitely recommend you do the same sometime. You might just find your new favourite band!

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