Photo Spotlight: The Rocket Summer and Sleeping With Sirens

The Rocket Summer and Sleeping With Sirens came through Atlanta last week on their “Chill Out Summer Acoustic Tour”.

They were also joined by Kulick on this run. Unfortunately due to traffic I missed most of his set. If you’re going to any of the remaining dates on this tour, you should go early and catch his set.

The Rocket Summer, or should I say Bryce Avary, did an amazing job. I wasn’t familiar with his music before but after this show I went home and downloaded all of it.


This performance was unique in that every instrument and sound was produced by one person. Avery used a loop pedal to record himself and then play it back into the song, which is something I have never seen before, but definitely something I want to see again.


The Rocket Summer took me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting an acoustic set of theirs to be as absolutely incredible as it was. The energy in the room was infectious and I couldn’t help but feel the love in the room.


Sleeping With Sirens finally took the stage. It was really amazing to experience songs like “Better off Dead” and “Go,Go,Go” adapted into acoustic versions when originally those songs are much heavier.


Every song Sleeping With Sirens played had a different feel than its studio version. It was like listening to brand new songs.


Another element that made this show really cool was the entire band being on stage. Normally during acoustic songs it’s just Nick Martin and Kellin Quinn. The whole band was playing their instruments on stage the entire show.


The stage setup for this tour was pretty great too. It felt like I was at the beach or a poolside party where Sleeping With Sirens was playing rather than sitting in a theater.


Witnessing Sleeping With Sirens acoustically was an experience unlike anything else. I’ve seen Sleeping With Sirens eight times before but it was like seeing a whole new band. If you’re close to any of the remaining dates of the “Chill Out Summer Acoustic Tour”, be sure to go check it out. It’s worth it, I promise.


*All photos credited to Skylar Cleland

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