Album Review: We The Kings – ‘Six’


We The Kings is back and better than ever with their new album, Six. Available via S-Curve Records as of July 6, the album is a tribute to fans and pays homage to the relationship the band has formed with them over the past decade.

This album was for the fans and funded by the fans. Six was a crowd funded project and the band really put everything they had into the record.

Each song on Six solicits a diverse range of emotions. Some songs are upbeat and exciting while others are slower and more nostalgic. Six is highly reminiscent of early We The Kings music that fans fell in love with in the beginning.

The album reflects current trends in music, boasting more electronic sounds and paving the way for others to follow suit. Even after a decade, We The Kings can do things they’ve never done before.

Six feels like a natural progression for We The Kings. Their music is growing up alongside them and it’s nice to see as a fan. The band has always had a strong foundation with their songwriting skills and this album is no exception. Six is the album fans have been hoping and waiting for and the wait was well worth it.

If you want to hear some of these new songs, as well as some old ones live, catch We The Kings all summer on Warped Tour. I know I can’t wait to catch their set.


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