Album Review: Oh, Weatherly – ‘Lips Like Oxygen’


It’s always refreshing to find new music that is catchy, personal, and undeniably relatable. Artists and bands that are telling original, captivating stories are harder to come by these days. Texas-based band Oh, Weatherly is doing everything right, and could very well be pop-punk’s breakout band of the year. They’re creating music that is timeless, relatable, and honest – three ingredients that combine to create a satisfying listening experience. 

Signed to Hopeless Records, the band is releasing their debut full-length on July 27, 2018. Lips Like Oxygen is a 10-track LP that is both well-produced and written. The collection of songs delves into the complications of love, and the ways in which we all grapple with changing relationships. If you love summery pop/rock bands like Mayday Parade and Yellowcard, you will love Oh, Weatherly.

The album begins with “Here Tonight,” a fun love song with a great hook. Vocalist Blake Roses wears his heart on his sleeve and is up-front about his feelings through each lyric. “I know that you’re the one,” is sung powerfully with the self-assuredness we all strive to feel in relationships. “The Worst Time” and “Chasing California” are full of punchy guitars and clean vocals that are still raw with emotion. The instruments complement each other and engage the listener while moving each story further. I love the message behind “Chasing California,” which is about the highs and lows of toxic relationships. Roses’ mixed feelings are resolved by the end of the song, which is also satisfying. 

“I Think I Want You” is an anthem, and I can definitely hear Jake Bundrick’s (Mayday Parade) influence in the production (congratulations to Bundrick for co-producing the entire record). The mix does not hold anything back, and “I just want you to leave” echoes in the background like a conversation you can’t ever forget. “Burned Out” is another song with lyrics that are sure to make for the perfect live sing-along. Here’s my favorite line: “My heart on my sleeve is your favorite outfit, so burn all the clothes I left in your closet.”

“Keep On Listening” is my favorite song on the record because it has the most unique sound. It’s a piano ballad that immediately gave me goosebumps, and is an emotional standout. A clean acoustic guitar and light strings fade in and allow the song to build, but it doesn’t go too far. The lyrics and simpler arrangement work well together to maintain the fragility and sweetness of the track. It’s a true love song. 

OW 2

The last four songs are strong and tap into similar themes of love and loss. “Where Have You Been” is more melancholy and regretful, painting a darker picture about missing someone. It adds another layer to the LP’s story while remaining musically and thematically cohesive. 

“Soaring,” in my opinion, is another standout track. As the final song on Lips Like Oxygen, it ends the album on a positive note, empowering the listener to find happiness in independence. Roses’ sings “I’m never gonna wait for you,” with sheer glee, reminding us all that we can soar on our own. Find the freedom within yourself. 

This album was not a disappointment, and I’m looking forward to seeing Oh, Weatherly continue to succeed. 

OW 3

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