Review: Rock on the Range 2018


Well, let’s just say I started my Spring/Summer season of concerts off with a bang! On May 18th I attended Rock On The Range for the third time and the first on behalf of a company (which was insanely cool should I add).

Rock On The Range is a 3-Day Rock Festival located in Columbus, Ohio. This festival usually brings anywhere from 100,000 people to their new record high in 2017 at 135,000.


Day One (Friday) was unfortunately the only day I could attend; but, in those few hours I was able to catch sets for Turnstile, Atreyu, Breaking Benjamin and Underoath. Underoath and Breaking Benjamin have been on my bucket list for years now, so it was pretty epic to finally see them. I was not too familiar with Turnstile or Atreyu but their sets were also insanely great, so I will for sure be checking them out more!

Underoath impressed me the most on Friday. The crowd was insanely energetic and the band as a whole was very interactive, which is something I always find to make the show great. Underoath started their set with a song from their new album Erase Me titled “On My Teeth” and ended with what seemed to be a crowd favorite, “Writing On The Walls”, off their album Define the Great Line.

They will be on certain dates for the last full run of the Vans Warped Tour, so I highly suggest catching their set! You’ll probably see me in the crowd if you are attending the Cuyahoga Falls date.


Even though Underoath stole the show in my eyes, Breaking Benjamin put on one killer performance. Honestly, I wish I was on the field for their set because the crowd was WILD. Breaking Benjamin started off with “Red Cold River” from their album Ember and ended their set (I bet you can guess) with “Diary Of Jane” from their album Phobia. They had a diverse mix of newer and older songs on their setlist, so that made it pretty unenjoyable as I haven’t been into their newer music as much.



If you have never attended Rock On The Range and are interested in going I highly suggest it. To be honest, the crowd isn’t for everyone and the stadium isn’t the best location, but it’s truly a once in a life time experience and a pretty great time. I’m hoping to attend in the future and maybe some of the other major Rock Festivals in other states.


Did you attend this year’s Rock on the Range? What performance was your favorite? Leave it in the comments down below or hit us up on Twitter: @SpinThoughts!

*All photos, minus the festival flier, credited to Taylor Wells

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Taylor Wells
Twitter: @t_wells93

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