New single and music video collab from Dante Jordan and Stephen Rubinosky

Jordan and Rubinoksy

Pittsburgh-based musician Stephen Rubinosky is ushering in the feels alongside fellow artist Dante Jordan with their new song “Right Here”.

Released May 12, this track is the first original featured as a solo musician for Rubinosky. A repeat guest on Spinning Thoughts with his previous band Smile My Dear, Rubinosky has recently released creative iterations of “Bedroom Floor” from Liam Payne and “Slow Hands” from Niall Horan.

“Right Now” is a fusion between Rubinosky’s warm pop-punk vocals and slick guitar playing with Jordan’s punchy yet smooth lyrics. It’s a blend of pure talent from two artists that find common ground within their music.

It’s encouraging to see collaborations similar to that of Rubinosky and Jordan. This dynamic invites new listeners with open arms while still feeling familiar and safe.

For more on Rubinosky and Jordan, check out their socials. Keep your eyes and ears open for more from this partnership and both artists individually.

TAGS: Dante Jordan | Stephen Rubinoksy

Twitter: @SpinThoughts

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