Photo Spotlight: Grayson DeWolfe, PHANGS, Marina City, and Hear Tonight

Hear Tonight celebrated four years as a band last month at Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh, PA. The night started off with Grayson DeWolfe, PHANGS, and Marina City. Each band had a different style of music and performance. It seemed that the audience changed with each band making it feel like there were four separate concerts. The whole night gave me a feeling of summer which was a nice break from the snow falling outside.

Grayson DeWolfe


This was the first time I had ever heard of Grayson DeWolfe, but I haven’t stopped listening to his music since the show!


His set was beautiful, and it really showed how talented he was. DeWolfe played both a guitar and a keyboard throughout the set. This made the fact that he only had a dummer on stage with him not a problem.


He brought umbrella-type lights on stage. It added a really fun feel and look to the stage.


He doesn’t have a ton of music out that I’ve come across, but if you’ve never listened to Grayson DeWolfe, you really need to. Be prepared to have a new favourite artist in your music library.



PHANGS. There is so much I could say about PHANGS.


I saw PHANGS at a house show a few weeks before seeing him perform on stage. I thought his little acoustic type set was phenomenal with the amount of emotion he put on display.


I was blown away when I saw his performance at Hard Rock Cafe. It’s evident how Jake Germany is so passionate about his art.


One part of the show that stood out to me was his emotional song “I forgot you.” It’s my favourite PHANGS song. That morning I experienced what he was talking about in the song. I’ve never cried while photographing a show, but there’s a first for everything! I can’t fully describe what the song is about because it’s so powerful. I guess you’ll just have to go and listen to it for yourself!


Marina City


I had heard of Marina City before the show, but I never got around to checking them out. Just like Grayson Dewolfe, I was instantly amazed and hooked on their music.


From the start of their performance to the very end, they had an insane and catchy energy.


Their set was so fun. You could tell everyone in the band was loving what they were doing.


They had the audience totally captivated during their whole performance, with everyone dancing and singing along to their songs.


Hear Tonight


Being a local band, I had listened to Hear Tonight before. I’ve been wanting to see them live for sometime now, and it was definitely worth the wait.


You could see the excitement and happiness in each of the band members as they performed and celebrating their journey as a band. Their happiness was contagious.


Their music brought summer to a cold April night in Western Pennsylvania. I can’t wait to blast their music on a long, summer road trip.


Like I said before, the crowd seemed to be different with each band. With the opening acts, it was easy to get to the front of the crowd to get some pictures close up. However, when Hear Tonight came out on stage, it was almost impossible to get up close. Everyone was packed in and dancing like crazy.


Hear Tonight’s show was so vibey and happy. I left the venue in a great mood. It’s funny how live music can do that to you.


If any of these bands perform near you, definitely go. You’ll have the time of your life!

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