New Music Friday: April 27, 2018


Air high-five! You made it to Friday, a day where bands reward us with new music to head into the weekend with.

The goal is to share the hard work from these artists. We hope you enjoy and take the same initiative. Share with a friend who loves music or with someone who could use some killer tunes in their life!

What bands/artists do you support that are releasing new music today? Follow us on Twitter and let us know: @SpinThoughts.

Mainland — Villians


Mojave Nomads — Phases

Royal Coda — Royal Coda



Sink The Ship — Preserve




Hawthorne HeightsBad Frequencies 





What are your thoughts on the new music available today? Did we miss any albums/EPs from your favorite band/artist? Leave it in the comments down below or hit us up on Twitter: @SpinThoughts!

TAGS: Mainland | Mojave Nomads | Royal Coda | Sink The Ship | Hawthorne Heights

Twitter: @SpinThoughts

Share with a friend who loves music

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