Photo Spotlight: EDEN

EDEN recently came to Pittsburgh with Vérité in support of his new album Vertigo. This show was like no other I have ever been to. Everything about it had a beautiful aesthetic from the music, to the lighting, and the artists performing. Both bands were extremely unique and talented.


Vérité was the first band to play. I honestly hadn’t heard of them before this show and I can’t believe I was missing them for so long!


It seemed like the audience felt the same way. In between the first few songs there were shouts of “who are you?” Towards the end of their set people were shouting “we love you!”


There is no grey area when a musician covers a song live. It’s either absolutely lovely or kind of cringey. Vérité did a cover of The 1975’s “Somebody Else”, and I was completely blown away! It sounded a lot different than the original song, but they did it so well I think I actually like that version better than the original.


The audience, myself included, were all sad when Vérité’s time on stage came to an end.


When they have a concert near you, make sure you go!


At almost every other concert I’ve been to, in between sets the house lights come on and every one just does their own thing while waiting for the next act.


During the time in between Vérité and EDEN, the audience was almost silent. There was soft, instrumental music playing; the only lights on were deep blue lights from the stage.

When EDEN came on stage, the crowd erupted with a roar, but they were quickly silent again as if anticipating his every single move.


The set started out slow and very dark. There was a single, small spotlight on Jonathon, EDEN’s frontman. The first song they played was also the fist track off the album: “wrong”. This song is sung acapella. This gave the show a very eerie feeling.

The performance bursted into colour with the second song, and it never went back.


A huge element of the show was the visuals. The lights were beautiful and very well planned to go with each song.


Part of the show that really stuck with me was when they performed “crash”.


“Crash” starts out with a soft instrumental, but it gradually changes. In the middle of the song the bass is so deep that it shakes your core. Between the lyrics and the music, it’s definitely an experience.


“If you hate what’s in your head, the fuck would you speak your mind?”


EDEN’s music has so much feeling to it and their performance definitely showed that.


Both Vérité and EDEN’s sound/performance went together so well. In my opinion, it was the perfect lineup. I’m still not sure how they were only performing at Stage AE’s club stage and not their main stage.

Both artists are extremely talented and inspiring. If you’ve never listened to their music, drop what you’re doing and check them out immediately! You can thank me later.


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