Album Review: Charmer – ‘Charmer’

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Emo, pop-punk band Charmer is releasing their self-titled album, via No Sleep Records, on Friday and I had the privilege of listening to it early. I was previously unfamiliar with Charmer’s music, but after listening to this album they may become part of my everyday playlists.

The songs on Charmer aren’t really heavy at all, but the music combined with the lyrics took me right back to my middle school days when I was listening to emo music every day. The songs on this album are relatable and different from a lot of music in the scene lately.

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From the first song, “Bummer Summer”, Charmer had my attention and they held it until the very last chord of the final track, “Garden State, Like The Zach Braddy Movie”. Every song has something different to offer. Charmer is going places. They’re throwing emo music back to its roots and it is refreshing to hear.

Charmer revamps our 90’s nostalgia and their emotional lyrics leave it all out there. The emo scene can be an oversaturated genre at times, but Charmer does something different while still holding true to the root of their music.

Charmer is out this Friday April 20th. If you want to hear some good music that  reminds me of Speak Low If You Speak Love and Neck Deep’s acoustic tracks, then you’ll definitely want to catch the latest from Charmer.

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