Album Review: Red Sun Rising


This week, I had the opportunity to check out Thread, the new album from The Ohio-based hard-rock/post-grunge band Red Sin Rising. I was stoked to hear this album, as I was a big fan of the band’s 2015 debut — Polyester Zeal. After a solid debut that included anthems with epic hooks like “The Otherside”, “Emotionless”, and “Amnesia”, Red Sun Rising is back at it, trying to avoid the dreaded sophomore slump.

The lead single on Thread is “Deathwish”. This song has been getting some play on the hard rock airwaves for a few months and really did it’s part getting me excited about the album. “Deathwish” is a unique track that changes stylistically a few times throughout. It is an incredibly catchy song that fits right up there with the singles from the first album. The coolest part of the song is the tempo. The song seems to speed up consistently until the last chorus, which almost has a double time feel to the bass and drums.

The thing that draws me to the album, and Red Sun Rising in general, is the band’s ability to stay relevant while creating a sound that would have fit in with the grunge era.  The opening track “Fascination” does a great job of highlighting this, introducing a lead line halfway through the song that has a simple, long tone sound reminiscent of that era.

Another great comparison is in “Left for Dead” — a track that starts heavy and fades to an acoustic verse with a strong vocal performance, only to ease back into choppy power chords and build to a point that it almost sounds like a different, heavy song. This reminds me a lot of classic Foo Fighters songs like “All My Life” or “ The Pretender”. This point is further driven home in “Veins” which sounds like it could have easily come directly off of an early 2000s Foo Fighters album.

The album has its heavy moments as well. “Clarity” has an incredibly heavy intro with a sound that will fit right in to hard rock radio and will presumably be the next single.  My favorite track on the album is “Lonely Girl”. The bass line in the intro is phenomenal and the whole line follows through with a certain edge that is any bass player’s dream.

I had high expectations for Red Sun Rising with the release of Thread and I was not disappointed! This is one of the best vocal performances in a long time and has a very unique, heavy, and classic sound.  Check out Thread this Friday, March 30! Preorders are available here.

Don’t miss Red Sun Rising on their Spring 2018 tour, now through May. Get tickets here.


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