Album Review: Casey – ‘Where I Go When I Am Sleeping’

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Where I Go When I Am Sleeping, the sophomore release from UK-based quintet Casey which is due for release via Rise Records on March 16th, 2018 is a glowing testimony to the perseverance humans are capable of.

Chronicling the numerous challenges lead singer Tom Weaver has faced with respect to his physical and mental health over the years, Where I Go When I Am Sleeping is lyrically specific enough to bring about empathy in the listener and yet broad enough that the listener will find it accessible and relatable.

Musically, highlights include “Phospenes”, that taps into Casey’s brilliant ability to create well-balanced melodic hardcore as they did on their debut album Love Is Not Enough and “Bruise” in which their honest vulnerability shines through very clearly.

The spoken word on album closer “Wound” is simply beautiful as Weaver proclaims: “In all the ways that I am weak, I am also strong. Learning how to speak gave me the strength to carry on”.

Where I Go When I Am Sleeping is a testament to the fact that while the challenges of this life are real, light triumphs over darkness and hope is stronger than despair.

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