Green Screen Kings drop new single as the band paves a new path

Photo Credit: Dave Jackson

Green Screen Kings is taking advantage of a new year with adventurous new music, a name change, and announcing their performance on the final full-run of the beloved Warped Tour.

On February 23 the band announced the beginning of a new era. Formerly known as Green Screen Kid, the Wisconsin three-piece is moving forward as Green Screen Kings. With the name change came new music as well. On the same day, Green Screen Kings dropped their new single, “Fairy Dust”.

We had the chance to talk to Green Screen Kings about the band’s enhancements, the new single, and more:

ST: On February 23 you all introduced what seems to be a new era for the band. For starters, the band changed its name from Green Screen Kid to Green Screen Kings — What was the catalyst to this change? 
GSK: Kings feels like a much better fit for the musical direction we’re headed. We always wanted to be an epic band with epic songs, and “kid” just didn’t reflect that. There also seemed to be a disconnect whenever we’d present our music to people in the industry. The band wants to grow, and this felt like the right move.

ST: How has the reception been from fans?
GSK: The response has been great. Our fans have been waiting for us to release new music for a while, and I think the name change added extra excitement for them.

ST: Was there any hesitation or concern on your end regarding the band name change?
GSK: Somewhat. It was tough to move on from a name with five years of history. The backstory still lives on through the new name though. We also didn’t want to risk starting over on social media; however, the new name still used “GSK” as initials so it wasn’t really an issue.

ST: On the same day as the band name change, Green Screen Kings released a brand new single titled “Fairy Dust”. What is the idea behind this song?
GSK: The song is about fighting for something when there’s so much on the line. Inspiration comes from our own music career. You can fight for it like you’d die for it, or disappear like fairy dust. The phrase “fairy dust” draws parallels between fantasy and reality. Fight for it like you’d die for it, because the time/effort you put in means nothing if you give up.

Photo Credit: Dave Jackson

ST: “Fairy Dust” was recorded with All Time Low’s Rian Dawson. What was that experience like?
GSK: It’s always an amazing experience. Rian is a hard worker and knows how to bring songs to life. He wasn’t completely sold on Fairy Dust when we first brought it in, but we worked on it together and made it awesome. His partner, Dan Swank, also contributed quite a bit and was a great asset in the studio.

ST: This song stays true to the rocking nature of Green Screen Kings but with a new, adventurous take on your sound. Are we witnessing a musical evolution for the band?
GSK: Absolutely.

ST: With “Fairy Dust” released and an enhanced band name, there’s got to be more on the way. What can fans expect from Green Screen Kings in the near future to continue this new momentum?
GSK: Right now we’re working on everything. New videos. New music. New merch. New shows. We’ll have new materials to announce in the next couple weeks/months.

ST: What are you most excited about in 2018?
GSK: Finally having the opportunity to perform at Vans Warped Tour! It’s bittersweet that it’s the last run, but we are just so happy to be a part of it even for one date.

ST: What is the best way for fans to support Green Screen Kings?
GSK: Listen to the music and tell everyone about us if you enjoy it!

Photo Credit: Dave Jackson

What are your thoughts on the name change for Green Screen Kings? Have you jammed their new single “Fairy Dust”? Leave it in the comments down below or hit us up on Twitter: @SpinThoughts!

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