Concert Review: Asking Alexandria

Crown the Empire, Asking Alexandria, and Black Veil Brides came through Atlanta on the “Resurrection Tour” last week and I had the absolute pleasure of attending and photographing the show.

Crown the Empire

Crown the Empire was first on this packed lineup and as soon as they came out on stage, they had everyone on their feet and singing along.


The band was packed full of energy and jumped right into their set. Their performance was fun to photograph due to the high amount of energy every member brought onto the stage.


The band played a lot of older songs, performing just one song off their latest release, Retrograde.


Despite the lack of newer songs, I loved every second of Crown the Empire’s set. I wish it had been longer, but the show must go on.


Asking Alexandria

If you put two musical powerhouses like Asking Alexandria and Black Veil Brides on one tour, you’re in for an amazing show and a sold out crowd.


As soon as Asking Alexandria came on stage there was so much movement and electricity that it was hard for me to decide who to capture first. Their entire set was fun and high-energy from start to finish.


One of my favorite moments was when guitarist Ben Bruce and vocalist Danny Worsnop played acoustic versions of “Vultures” and “Someone, Somewhere.” It was amazing to watch.

IMG_0271 (2)

Asking Alexandria played a perfect mix of old and new material and it was incredible to watch the progression of their music live in concert.


The movement and lighting Asking Alexandria has on stage is absolutely amazing. You could look stage left one minute and the next a completely different member would be there. It definitely made my job of photographing the show a lot easier.


Every single one of the guys in Asking Alexandria looked like they were having the time of their lives the entire time they were on stage.


This was the first time  I had seen Asking Alexandria live in concert and I was blown away. Everything from the instrumentation, lighting, and energy was absolutely flawless.


I don’t know about you, but I’m running to every Asking Alexandria show held in my city ever again.


Black Veil Brides

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to photograph Black Veil Brides’ set, but I did get to enjoy it. The band walked on the stage and the crowd went wild. I’ve attended a lot of shows and this one had the loudest crowd I’ve ever been part of.

Black Veil Brides poured out a lot of energy and had everyone screaming lyrics back at them. This concert is one of the heavier ones I’ve been to and also one of the best.

The entire show was made up of Black Veil Brides’ most famous anthems, such as “Rebel Love Song”. They ended the show with my all-time favorite BVB song — “In the End”. This show blew me away on so many levels and seeing two metal powerhouses like Asking Alexandria and Black Veil Brides was incredible. If this show hasn’t passed through your town yet I would encourage you to get to that show as quickly as possible. It’s one you won’t want to miss.


Have you attended this amazing tour featuring Crown the Empire, Asking Alexandria, and Black Veil Brides? Leave it in the comments down below or hit us up on Twitter: @SpinThoughts!

*All photos credited to Skylar Cleland

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