Album Review: We Have the Moon — Till the Morning Comes


What exactly is partycore?  It’s a genre that is being thrown around more and more and no one seems to have any insight as to what it means.  To be honest, it’s not something I think I have understood in the past.  We Have the Moon changed that for me.  Their brand of partycore is heavy, fast, and fun with a sprinkle of electronica for taste. It’s dance music meets metalcore.  And I can definitely get down with it!

Till the Morning Comes is the debut album from Italian partycore band We Have the Moon.  I was hesitant to embrace it at first due to the partycore label, but after the first track I was sold.  These guys are really talented.  The vocals are on point whether it is heavy screams or clean vocals.  The electronic beats and synth serve more as a background and support to the songs and add a really cool layer to the music.  The single “Killer Party” is insanely catchy.   The most interesting part of this to me is that the single, much like the album, is a heavy song that is somehow upbeat and catchy at the same time.

The group vocals are another strong selling point for me.  The band does a great job utilizing chanting and group vocals to keep the upbeat nature in their songs.  The introduction and chorus to “Definitely Not a Serenade” are prime examples.  The song has a heavy nature and distorted vocals throughout, but the group vocals and synth work give it an upbeat and almost poppy feel.  It is completely unexpected and surprisingly refreshing!

Though the band does a great job of blending the two sounds, there are songs that appeal to the heavier purists.  Songs like “Unreasonable” and “This is What We Love the Most” stand out on this album as purely heavy, metalcore anthems with less focus on the upbeat and dance vibe.  My favorite track on the album is “The Score 0-3”.  This track does an awesome job of transitioning back and forth from metalcore to electronica.  When I listen to it I don’t know whether I want to dance, jump, or head bang.  The song has its highs and lows, and at one point is almost like a dance track laid over top of a metalcore anthem.

Till the Morning Comes is an experience not to be missed.  Whether you are in the mood to dance, thrash, or just plain party, make sure you add We Have the Moon to your playlist!  You won’t regret it!

We had the opportunity to talk to Makku, who provides the screams, clean vocals, and synth for the band and ask a few questions:

ST: You have a unique sound that brings together several styles — it’s a lot of fun! How did this all come to fruition?
M: We simply followed the evolution of our lives and wanted to tell many of the experiences that we’ve had in this last period.

We wanted to follow also with the musical style what we’ve always loved: electronic and metal… it is a very daring choice, but we are all convinced that it is the best way to transmit what we are.

ST: How would you define “partycore” and how does it shape the band?
M: I believe that life is not what happens to us, but how deal with it. This is the reason why “positivity” is an essential element in our songs. We treat themes such as alcohol and sex, in a cheeky and ironic way, something like when you hang out with your friends looking for some fun, more or less.

At the same time, with Unreasonable, we talk about dedication and determination, particularly significant themes for us.

All of this has influenced our genre and our way of making music, that’s why “partycore”.

ST: What’s the feeling right now as you approach the official release of Till The Morning Comes?
M: The tension is really high because we’re talking about our very first album, but we’re truly satisfied with the work done! Surely the album will be opposed by many groups of music conservatives, but fuck them! We’ll hold on and do our best to increase our fanbase, and that’s already happening.

ST: With a new record dropping early in 2018, what can fans expect from the band throughout the rest of the year?
M: We are currently thinkin’ about what may be the next step to take. Surely the goal, as an emerging band, is that of getting known better and making people aware of our music. We’ll try to play as much as possible in Italy and do some tours abroad.

For what concerns next releases, we’re seriously considering a collaboration.

ST: What is one thing friends of Spinning Thoughts need to know about We Have The Moon?
M: That we are good guys after all! 🙂

You can preorder the upcoming album Till the Morning Comes from We Have the Moon here.

What are your thoughts on Bologna, Italy’s We Have the Moon? Are you getting their new album Till the Morning Comes? Leave it in the comments down below or hit us up on Twitter: @SpinThoughts!

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