Interview: One For The Braves

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One For The Braves, hailing from the great state of New York, is bringing you fast-paced, upbeat, catchy pop-punk awesomeness. The band released their latest EP in May of 2017, Does Anybody Honestly Care. We had the opportunity to speak to vocalist Adam Rebillard about the EP, music video for “Dirt Nap”, plans for 2018, and more. Check it out below!

ST: In May of 2017 the band dropped its latest collection of music, an EP titled Does Anybody Honestly Care. What’s the overall message of this album?
Adam Rebillard: The main message for the album is don’t let life get the best of you, learn to let go of who or what drags you down and move on with life. Whether it’s accepting personal demons, dysfunctional relationships, or whatever it is that keeps you up wondering if you did it right, you have to let it go and keep moving on to better days.

ST: Were there any people outside the band that were crucial to the creation of this EP?
AR: We had a lot of ups and downs in the process of writing/recording this album and when we finally hooked up with Eric Castillo over at Nada Recording Studios we were able to really create the final product of these songs which we all love.

ST: What’s one of the best memories from working on and releasing Does Anybody Honestly Care?
AR: We had a blast when we were doing all the vocals for the album. We were all there just hanging out having a good time and it made for a really fun, productive, and all around memorable day.

ST: What did you learn from this endeavor that will carry with the band into the next release?
AR: We learned a lot about our sound. We figured out what we need to do more of and what we need to work on or do less of in order to make the best songs we can and stay true to our vision.

ST: The band released a music video for a track off the EP, “Dirt Nap”. Why did you all choose this song to highlight on a video?
AR: Dirt Nap is just a super fun, fast, high energy song that we all love playing and seemed like the perfect song for us to do for our first video. It has a really positive message of  just being happy with yourself whether people love you or hate you and it felt like something cool we could put into a video.

ST: What is a dirt nap?
AR: A dirt nap is just a fun metaphor for dead. I thought it went really well with the whole message of some people out there hate you for being you and some just plain wish you were dead and buried, taking a “dirt nap.”

ST: What’s the most challenging part to creating a solid, professional music video?
AR: We shot ours outside on a super hot sunny day in august and I was dumb enough to wear a hoodie and jeans. I did not think that through and after we took a few takes I was married to it. So my main thing here is to dress appropriately and don’t skip out on the cardio.

ST: What bands or artists influence One For The Braves?
AR: We take a lot of inspiration from a lot of different places but our main go-tos when we are looking for some inspiration are definitely bands like The Wonder Years, Hit the Lights and With the Punches as well as New Found Glory and Saves the Day.

ST: What are the plans for the band in 2018?
AR: Definitely some touring and growing our audience and maybe even some new tunes. The year is still young and we have some things in the works but our main focus is to definitely grow our audience.

ST: Are there any bands we should be keeping our eye on that are coming up in the same scene/community or that you’ve been keeping your eyes on?
AR: There’s this band called Break Down the Walls who are definitely my favorite Local band. They write some super catchy songs and are just an all around killer band. Down goes Hollywood is definitely my favorite song along with Everything causes Cancer. They also just dropped an amazing album called A Life of Dreams recently which is worth the listen.

ST: What’s the best way for new and existing fans to support the band?
AR: Definitely following us on social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify is a great way to keep up to date with us. And don’t be afraid to come hang out with us at a show and share our music with your friends. Tell them our music is the key to immortality, they won’t know the difference as long as they don’t die and we can all party together.

You can catch One For The Braves on April 7 featuring With The Punches and special guests From States Away, Shorebreak, and Tidal Waves. For more, click here.


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