Album Review: Story Untold — Waves


After signing with Hopeless Records in 2016 and releasing a self-titled EP for the label, Montreal, Canada’s Story Untold return with their debut full length Waves, set for release on February 2nd, 2018.

Having their beginnings in a similar fashion to As It Is in that lead singer Janick Thibault posted song covers on Youtube, Story Untold have come a long way since then. Working with producers Derek Hoffman (Seaway, Coldfront, Stick To Your Guns) and Silverstein guitarist Paul-Marc Rousseau, the band has crafted a poppy 11 track effort that will hopefully make them more of a household name.

Highlighted by lead single ‘Delete’, Waves effortlessly blends upbeat tracks with the occasional ballad such as ‘Invisible’.

Overall, Waves proves that poutine and a storied NHL franchise aren’t the only good things to come out of the 514.

You can get the new album, Waves, from Story Untold by clicking here. Are you stoked for the new album? Leave it in the comments down below or hit us up on Twitter: @SpinThoughts!

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