Album Review: Don Broco — Technology


Don Broco, the four-piece rock group from Bedford, England, is about to release their 3rd LP — Technology. I’m here to tell EVERYBODY that their time for greatness has arrived. If you haven’t heard of these guys yet, grab something to drink and start jamming their tunes right now cause they are pretty damn amazing! I was extremely impressed with the new album and I’m very excited to share my thoughts on it.

Excellent music videos. No one’s ever seen them like this:

For the last year and a half, the band has dropped several music videos leading up to the big release. All videos did a great job setting the vibe for the album. What kind of vibe you ask? Epic and bizarre combined with lots of dark humor. Don Broco honestly has some of the best music videos I’ve seen since Michael Jackson.

The first single, “Everybody”, features a deranged cowboy that brainwashes victims into joining a cult. I think I’ve watched this video like 500 times; it’s just that good. The song is driven by heavy guitar riffs accompanied with solid drum grooves; a common element heard throughout the album.

The follow-up single, “Pretty”, was even better. They trolled all their fans into thinking that Tom (bassist) was getting married while on tour in the US. Everyone was expecting a live stream of the ceremony, but instead got a gruesome music video of Tom getting his face sliced off by Rob (vocalist) at his own wedding. So if you haven’t seen their videos yet, I would highly recommend it.

Some things in particular that I really liked about this album:

Heavier Feel. Their previous album Automatic was a great mixture of funk, pop, and rock. Now signed to SharpTone Records, they’ve noticeably added some metal elements to the mix. The tones are reminiscent of one of my favorite bands, Deftones. On this new record, Don Broco stays true to their roots while incorporating a heavier feel.

Guitar Riffs As Hooks. You know it’s a catchy guitar riff when fans sing along to it at concerts. I watched some clips of their headline show at Alexandra Palace and you can hear people singing along to the main guitar part in “Everybody”. Melodic, catchy guitar work is heard throughout the album.

Unique Lyrics. Don Broco always nails it lyrically. The songs are inspired by unique stories and ideas, but the delivery on many of the songs are still open to the listener’s interpretation. The album visits all sorts of topics such as social media addiction and struggles in the music industry. There are some interviews on YouTube where the band discusses lyrics in detail.

Side note: For the longest time I thought Rob was saying “kill yourself” instead of “you’re kidding yourself” in the song “Stay Ignorant”. Anyone else with me on this?

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Pretty
  2. Come Out to LA
  3. The Blues
  4. Greatness
  5. Everybody

Technology is available worldwide on iTunes and Spotify February 2nd. Be sure to catch Don Broco on tour February 1-21 (UK) and March 8-April 7 (US). For the North American run, they’ll be joining Our Last Night, I The Mighty, and Jule Vera.

DB 2

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