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Since it’s 2018, that means trying new things, right?! Well, I tried something completely different than my usual reviews. I reached out to One Flew West to have them answer a few questions about their upcoming EP, Trial And Error. I felt it was a great way to break out of my comfort zone, and not only introduce them to you all, but me, as well.

Trial and Error is One Flew West’s sophomore EP, which will drop January 26th. This album follows their EP release of Selective Memory from October 2015. Here is the track listing for Trial and Error:
1. Trial and Error
2. What Do I Know
3. Best Worst Thing
4. Staying In
5. Out Of Time

My favorite song off the EP is “Out Of Time” as the lyrics are extremely relatable and I love the sound itself. Trial and Error is very diverse and I am confident the album will accomplish so much for the band this coming year. So, with that being said, keep your eyes out for this release — it’s going to be a great one! Until next time, keep rocking.

Interview with One Flew West

T: How did the band come together and get its start?
OFW: One Flew West was officially formed in 2014, but it came from the remains of a previous band called Continuum.  David, Jonah, and Linden started playing together in 2010, under that name, as high schoolers.  Our first “shows” were as street performers on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado, where we would play for tips. We would go out there a couple times a week and play a bunch of Mumford and Sons, Lumineers, Neil Young, and Oasis songs.  We raised close to $10,000 doing this, and it’s how we paid for our first pieces of good equipment, and early recording sessions.  Eventually, we were able to start getting real shows as a full electric band, rather than the acoustic band thing we did as street performers.

T: What bands and/or artists influenced the music in this EP?
OFW: The artist that has always influenced our music the most is Frank Turner.  His combination of rock, folk, pop, and punk is what inspires us more than anyone else, and we’ve each seen him live many times.  In addition to Frank Turner, another influence we weren’t expecting to have was Descendants.  We recorded the EP at the Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO, which is owned by Bill Stevenson.  Bill is the drummer and primary songwriter of Descendants, and being in his studio it was pretty hard not to be influenced by their music and history.  During the recording process, we listened to them a lot.  Though we don’t sound like them, the punk spirit was very much part of recording this EP.

T: What was the biggest challenge to writing/recording your upcoming EP? 
OFW: The biggest challenge we had when writing and recording this EP was the pressure we put on ourselves to make sure every song is great.  Going into this EP, we were determined to record something that only had good songs, and no “filler” songs.  We spent close to 7 months writing the music that eventually became this EP, and we only kept songs that we felt were the best we had to offer.  We’re generally pretty hard on ourselves, so it was a lot of work to make something that we felt like we could be truly proud of.

T: What does the band have planned to support the release of Trial and Error?
OFW: We’re releasing the EP at the Bluebird Theater in our hometown of Denver, Colorado on January 25th.  The Bluebird is easily one of our favorite places to play, and it’s going to be an amazing place to connect with our fans and show them what we’ve created.  Other bands on the bill include Compass & Cavern and Silver & Gold.  Each of these bands are phenomenal, and we’re very happy to have them on board for this release.

T: What do you hope to accomplish with this release in 2018?
OFW: We’re hoping to get some big numbers from them on Spotify, and get the songs into as many playlists as possible.  Fortunately, the first single entitled “Trial and Error” is already doing better than any song we’ve ever released.  At the time of this interview, it’s been streamed over 63,000 times in the span of less than two months.  In addition to that, it was included on official Spotify playlists like Pop Punk’s Not Dead, The Scene, and Discover Weekly.  We hope that the other songs perform similarly.  Lastly, we plan on touring and playing in as many cities as possible going forward.

T: Lastly, to end on a little more of a fun note, who would you love to tour with, and what is your dream city to play in?
OFW: It’s hard to imagine a better person to tour with than Frank Turner.  That would be the most amazing experience we can possibly imagine.  As for a “dream city” to play in, any city that has people who want to see us live and support us is a “dream city.”  The fact that people want to see us and enjoy our music is all we can ask for.

Trial and Error is available everywhere Friday January 26, 2018. Are you getting your hands on this album? Leave it in the comments down below or hit us up on Twitter: @SpinThoughts!

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