Concert Review: Belmont with special guests Parkside, Nightwell, Cheapside, and Romancer

Passenger Entertainment recently brought Chicago pop-punks Belmont to Canada for their first run of Canadian shows ever.  Spinning Thoughts was there to witness the initial sold-out show in Kitchener Ontario, Canada which featured Cheapside, Nightwell, Parkside and Romancer supporting Belmont on January 4th, 2018.

Cheapside:  The newly formed Cheapside from London, Ontario have an interesting way of combining breakdowns with pop-punk hooks.  The crowd appreciated their set which included a cover of “Fast Forward to 2012” by A Day to Remember.

Nightwell: Although also formed relatively recently in July 2017, Nightwell from the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario are the furthest thing from inexperienced.  They have been writing music together for the past three years and feature former members of Liferuiner and Curses, as well as the full-time photographer for Movements, Kurt Cuffy on vocals.  “It’s a long story, but ultimately a bunch of friends writing music on other projects decided to come together” shares guitarist Cole Hardy.  As evidenced by Nightwell’s live performance, it’s a good thing they did.  Having released two singles thus far including “Bloom” which is currently on the playlist in Journeys stores, the band is currently working on their debut release with Silverstein guitarist Paul-Marc Rousseau producing.

Parkside: Oakville, Ontario collective Parkside recently released their EP Whenever You’re Ready this past December, and it has been received well.  “It’s been really overwhelming, really positive responses” says bassist Cole Gardner.  The band is now ready to focus on touring in 2018.  “We’re ready to go” says Gardner, with hopes that some tour dates south of the border in the U.S. will be a reality for Parkside in the coming year.  If the fans singing back every lyric during their well put together performance in Kitchener is any indication, good things are on the horizon for Parkside.

Romancer: At the show in their hometown, Kitchener natives Romancer provided main support for Belmont and as always, they didn’t disappoint.  Devoting a large portion of their set to tracks from 2016’s As We Both Close in on the Water, but not neglecting to include some tracks from their recent release honeybee such as lead single “Nausicaa”, Romancer is constantly honing their ambient sound and it is clear that the talented quartet devotes all they have to their live performance.

Belmont:  Making their way through a blizzard en route to their first show in Canada, Chicago’s Belmont were well-received by the thankful Canadian crowd.  Following in the footsteps of fellow Chicago bands like Fall Out Boy, Real Friends and Knuckle Puck, but maintaining a sound that is their own, Belmont presented a high-energy set that included such tracks as “Miniscule”, their recent single “Step Aside” and “Overstepping”, the video for which is nearing one million views on Youtube.

Following their Canadian run, Belmont is set to return to the studio to work on their forthcoming full-length record.  “After this tour ends we’ll be in Long Island with producer Dan Korneff preparing to drop a full-length in the summer” states guitarist Sam Patt.  Given that Korneff has worked with a host of artists including the likes of Paramore and Four Year Strong, Belmont will be well taken care of.  Following the studio time, Belmont will hit the road again in the U.S. this February supporting We Were Sharks.

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Did you catch Belmont and company on their tour through Canada? Will you be checking them out on their upcoming run with We Were Sharks? Leave it in the comments down below or hit us up on Twitter: @SpinThoughts!

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Featured Photo Credit: Amanda Huerta

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