Exclusive: Q&A with Skyward Story


ST: Skyward Story just released a new single “Smile” on December 8, 2017. What’s the inspiration behind this song?
Aaron: The inspiration for “Smile” really comes from our optimistic view on life. When things get hard, it’s important to smile and keep making the best of things!

ST: How did you all approach writing “Smile”? Breakdown the Skyward Story writing style.
SS: To write our songs we’ll all bring pieces to the table. If someone thinks of a line, or a riff, or anything that inspires them we’ll bring it to the group in a songwriting session and we’ll all take that raw spark and, together, build it into a whole song. “Smile” was formed from its title. We wanted to write a positive song that portrayed this message of optimism that we feel we represent and we wanted to make our fans “Smile”!

ST: Where was this track recorded? Who had a hand in the magic?
Scott: The track was recorded in Los Angeles! We recorded it with our producer Matt Squire at his LA home. He really made the song come to life!

ST: Skyward Story was on Spinning Thoughts back in July of this year for Episode 68. Beyond writing/recording “Smile”, what have you all been up to since then?
Aaron: We’ve been busy touring and promoting! We recently toured as support for Kenny Holland and Anarbor, and we are currently touring as support for Team Rowland. We also promoted at a variety of shows from All Time Low to Dua Lipa!

ST: We are heading into the final weeks of 2017 and this year was a big one for SS. What are some of the best moments or memories for the band?
Brandon: One of the best moments from 2017 was the release of our second single, “Smile”! It had been a long time coming, and we received a lot of support from our fans when it came out!

ST: What can fans expect from SS in 2018?
Aaron: Fans can expect more music and tours! We’re planning to tour in places that we haven’t hit yet because we want to play for fans that we don’t get to see very often.

ST: The band has approached some covers in the past. Are there any songs on your radar to possibly reinvent with your own style?
Aaron: We would love to cover some Charlie Puth songs, maybe even some Bruno Mars!

ST: What’s your favorite food to eat for the holidays?
Aaron: My favorite holiday food is deviled eggs!
Brandon: Give me all the potatoes!
Scott: I enjoy me some turkey.

ST: What bands/artists caught your attention this year?
Scott: Dua Lipa definitely caught our attention! Her song “New Rules” is a bop!

ST: Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions for 2018?
Brandon: Our New Year’s resolution is honestly to just keep growing as a band and to play for as many fans as possible!

ST: Skyward Story has a very dedicated fan base. Is there anything you’d like to say to them?
SS: We’d like to give all of our appreciation to our fans that have stuck with us through everything we’ve done recently! Your support is all we can ask for. Thank you all so much!

Support the dudes and get your hands on Skyward Story’s latest single, “Smile”, wherever you jam music. Check out the song and let us know your thoughts in the comments down below and on Twitter: @SpinThoughts!

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