David Cone releases debut single, “So Close”


Singer-songwriter David Cone is releasing his debut single, “So Close,” exclusively on Spinning Thoughts.

While this is his debut single as a music artist, Cone has lived a very full and fascinating life thus far. The singer completed a four-year tenure as quarterback at the University of Michigan, and has also pursued a career in filmmaking since moving to Atlanta. Music is yet another love of Cone’s, and it shines through. Inspired by John Mayer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Zac Brown, Cone’s style is laidback and expressive.

M: How long have you been a musician, and what does music mean to you?

D: A love for music has always been a part of my life, and fortunately I grew up in a cultured household that placed high value on quality music, and the arts in general. My parents gave me a guitar when I was three years old and, as the story goes, I wrote my first “song” that week! My attention soon shifted to the world of football, and, regrettably, I didn’t pick up another guitar for some 17 years. It was during the summer of my junior year at Michigan that I truly taught myself to play the instrument from internet clips and records of my favorite musicians. I’ve played every day since that summer, and have penned over 150 songs. I can wholeheartedly say it’s been one of the best decisions of my life.

M: You have many interests in various fields (athletics, filmmaking, music) – Does your experience in a variety of different areas affect or inspire your songwriting?

D: I’ve always made an effort in life to pursue my interests, whether they be athletics, filmmaking, music, philosophy, etc, because it’s through our interests we shape our ideals. My ultimate goal, regardless of which arena I apply my attention, is to achieve a high level of understanding and excellence within that field. Often times there are more tasks needing completion than there are hours in a day! But, fortunately, my songwriting hasn’t been stalled over the years, mostly, I believe, due to the fact my central interest is life itself, which consistently provides topics for discussion, reflection, and writing. There’s a wonderful quote by Miyamoto Musashi which speaks to this theme: “Know the way broadly and see it in all things.”

M: What is your new single, “So Close,” about? What do you want people to know before they listen?

D: “So Close” is certainly one of my favorite songs to date. One aspect that attracts me so much to this song is the tonal balance between melody and lyrics. The words, on paper, can be quite melancholy, but the melody and musical composition form a fun, upbeat atmosphere for the lyrics to live. This equilibrium creates a bitter sweetness I think everyone can relate to…and it’s why I’m choosing to release it first as my debut single on Friday, December 15. I had a pleasant experience writing the song in 2015, and I’ve enjoyed playing it each time since…I hope listeners find it just as engaging!

M: What is in store this year for you as a performer?

D: I’ve spent the last few years writing and performing, but not much time recording. So it’s been quite exciting getting into the studio and putting this album together, because I feel this is the right time to introduce my music to a wider audience. I’m thankful for the opportunity to release my album at Eddie’s Attic on January 20, 2018, and my team and I will follow that show up by pushing the album to new listeners, and setting up a show calendar for the remainder of the year!

For more, check out David on the socials: Facebook | Twitter

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