Review: Parkside — Whenever You’re Ready

Parkside Whenever You're Ready Cover
Parkside — Whenever You’re Ready

Oakville, Canada quintet Parkside re-emerge with their lengthiest release to date, the Whenever You’re Ready EP which will be available on December 8th, 2017.  Holding together the delicate balance of emotive pop-punk well, Whenever You’re Ready is a collection of six tracks that looks to chart a new way forward for the band.  “It was a super natural beginning” says basisst Cole Gardner of Parkside’s coming together in October 2013 when Gardner and vocalist Roberto Spadafora began discussing a new project.

Following a somewhat quiet time in the Parkside camp, this EP marks a new future for them.  “We were focused on making the best record we possibly could so we really weren’t into distractions” says Gardner of Parkside’s work on Whenever You’re Ready with producer Anton DeLost.

The highlight of the EP is definitely the closing track “Sting”, for which Parkside just released a video.  They look forward to integrating it and their other new songs into live sets while finding the right balance with older material.

Longtime fans and new listeners will soon have the opportunity to experience the band live as they prepare for a Canadian run in January 2018 with Chicago pop-punks Belmont and fellow Canadians, the up-and-coming Nightwell.  In advance of this, Parkside will have the opportunity to open Seaway’s annual Holiday Shaker show in Toronto on December 23rd, 2017 along with Bearings, Like Pacific and Coldfront.  Whenever You’re Ready will allow Parkside to follow in their footsteps to showcase the talent coming from Canada to the wider scene, and Gardner affirms this: “We all just want to tour as much as possible and grow as musicians.  It is as simple as that”.

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