Album Review: Bleacher Days — I Only Saw True Purpose

BD 1
Photo from Bleacher Days Facebook

If you’re a fan of Neck Deep, Bleacher Days will soon be making constant appearances in your playlists. I had the privilege of listening to their new EP, I Only Saw True Purpose, before its release on Friday December 1, 2017. I have to say, I was impressed. The Boston-based band had my attention within the first few chords of the first track, “Once Again.” The vocals and music are reminiscent of old Neck Deep, with elements of pop rock combined with the angst that’s present in most punk music, Bleacher Days will leave you wanting more.

I’ve been listening to this EP for the past week and it wasn’t easy to pick a favorite track — which is saying something since it’s a 6 song EP — eventually I found “All Out War” and “Low Eyes, Low Life” stood out to me the most. The raw passion in lead vocalist Wren Mohammed’s vocals direct you through the EP with a sense of realness and honesty that you don’t find just anywhere.

BD 2
Photo from Bleacher Days Facebook

Bleacher Days has shown with this EP that they have arrived on the pop-punk scene and they’re about to command our attention. They’ve shown that they have the chops to hold their own next to bands such as Neck Deep and The Story So Far. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bleacher Days is the next big pop-punk band on the scene.

I Only Saw True Purpose drops on December 1, 2017 and if you want to listen to some really great music, I would definitely recommend picking up a copy of this EP. In the meantime, the band has put out a video for their track “Once Again,” so at least you have something to hold you over until the EP drops!

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