Album Review: Romancer — honeybee

Romancer — honeybee

The ambient sound Romancer has become known for saturates their latest EP entitled honeybee which is set for release on November 24th, 2017.  Lead singer Adam Horrocks’ soaring vocals combine with the driving guitars of Riley O’Donnell on tracks such as lead single “nausicaa” and “stop motion” to illustrate that Romancer has built solidly on the foundation of their first record As We Both Close in on the Water which featured the standout single “Lottery”.

On honeybee, perhaps without knowing it, the Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada natives channel a sound bearing the influence of a number of their forerunners from two decades earlier such as Brandtson or Elliott.  Romancer’s intricate arrangements and musicianship is what makes their music so appealing.  The laid-back closer “sleep” wraps up the stellar effort that is honeybee from the Canadian quartet.  It is a positive progression that will definitely help Romancer make headway as their career continues to develop.

Romancer 2

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