Butcher Babies – Lillith

‘Lillith’ from Butcher Babies

Happy Halloween, Spinning Thoughts! This week had some super heavy releases, but one that definitely sticks out in my mind is Lillith from the Butcher Babies. The Butcher Babies are known for their raw, powerful, aggressive style of trash metal. Many fans know the band as a modern day Pantera with an edge and sex appeal. While it is true that the band made their mark on the metal scene as a band fronted by two former Playboy TV hostesses covering Pantera wearing next to nothing, it has been their raw, aggressive style that has given them staying power.

I have seen the Butcher Babies live on two separate occasions. Both shows were in Support of In This Moment. Much like In This Moment, which I have written about extensively, the Butcher Babies use sex appeal to get fans in the door and keep them coming back with a solid stage show, high energy, and a dark, heavy sound. Where the band differs is that they are much less refined, and not in a bad way. Their set is hard, heavy, and unforgiving. They are dark and incorporate blood and horror themes into their stage show. The high, in your face energy does not stop from the beginning of the set until the end. The stage show itself has allowed the band to maintain their success, touring with bands like In This Moment, Megadeath, and Gemini Syndrome on a national scale.

Lillith changes the game for the Butcher Babies. Unlike the band’s previous two albums, Lillith is more than just 11 tracks of brutal aggression. This album is much deeper than the previous albums, as it has a more melodic element. The band continues to incorporate the aggressive style for several tracks. The opening track, “Burn the Straw Man”, is captivating and heavy and is true to the band’s history. The album also incorporates a lot of melodies that make you think of Halloween, which is another thing the band is known for. Their gothic, horror metal style shines through with melodies and undertones that are reminiscent of the Castlevania soundtrack.

Lillith also includes songs with a more melodic appeal. Songs like “Headspin” and “Look What We’ve Done” have a broader appeal and seem to fit with a more mainstream hard rock/metal playlist. These songs have a more radio friendly appeal which is a change from the normal constant aggression of the band. They incorporate more singing and harmonies than the band has previously showcased, but stay true to their heavy aggressive nature throughout. The Butcher Babies are definitely one of those bands that you love or hate; they don’t seem to have a middle ground. But I love them, and I am jamming Lillith this Halloween. You should too.

Jay Matthey aka JBone

Email: jay.spinningthoughts@outlook.com

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