The Color Morale — Artist Inspiration Series


As you may or may not know, The Color Morale released a short EP today called Artist Inspiration Series. This EP is dedicated to artists who inspired different members and the band itself. Artist Inspiration Series has five cover songs on it, titled as follows: “Wake the Dead” by Comeback Kid, “Stare At The Sun” by Thrice, “Fix You” by Coldplay, “Blister” by Jimmy Eat World and “The Failsafe” by Misery Signals.

To me, the coolest factor is that The Color Morale released this EP showing who the artists are that inspired them. It’s a great concept showing how different artists shaped each member and how the members put that unique difference into a band. I’ve been a fan of TCM for a while now and it’s neat to hear who inspired each member. This EP truly shows that it doesn’t matter who you are influenced by, but the music itself.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this EP release, and my personal favorite cover is “The Failsafe”, originally by Misery Signals. I was a fan of the original, and hearing their twist on it is very refreshing. So, all in all, if you haven’t purchased TCM’s Artist Inspiration Series Ep, I highly suggest it. I know this review is much shorter than my usual, but I had to write about it! Until next time, keep rocking.

The Color Morale Artist Inspiration Series EP

Taylor Wells
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