Hotel Books — Equivalency

‘Equivalency’ from Hotel Books

The spoken-word project of Cam Smith, Hotel Books is set to release Equivalency on October 27th via InVogue Records.  The intensely visceral nature of the effort is what makes it beautiful, as Smith openly and honestly lays bare the musings of his soul.  Themes of lost love and Smith’s relationship with God are woven throughout the record and his vulnerability is to be admired.  Although Smith is conscious of his human frailty on Equivalency, his desire to know God’s grace and live it is evident throughout.

The highlight of the record is undoubtedly the track “Take Very Little” where Smith collaborates with fellow spoken-word artist Chris Bernstorf, the conclusion of which proclaims hope in the midst of fear and feelings of inadequacy: “…every scrap of our lives will be redeemed and reused as the Builder makes us new / that every ounce of tragedy and ash will water and fertilize a garden of unimaginable beauty and fruit / that all of this goes somewhere, yields something / that perseverance will produce character, and character hope / that every tear really will be wiped away / that we will one day be complete / and that, therefore along the way / we can sing.”

Also featuring a collaboration with the up-and-coming Chase Huglin on “Fears We Create”, Hotel Books has crafted a work of true authenticity in Equivalency.

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