Conveyer: No Future Without Hope

Coming together in 2011 and catching the attention of Victory Records by 2015, Conveyer just released their sophomore album for the label this past June.  No Future is 11 tracks of melodic hardcore focusing on the theme of hope in the midst of despair, loss and heartbreak.  It’s a fitting theme given the recent challenges the band has faced and that they have just broken the silence on after discovering a former member was stealing from the band.  Yet in the middle of the difficulties that have come about lately, Conveyer is moving forward, drawing strength from the hope that springs forth from their Christian faith.  “It’s really unified us” shares drummer John Gaskill.  “We love this (making music and touring), we love each other and beyond that we have a common faith in God”.  Singer Danny Adams agrees. “It’s entirely relevant to us being a people of faith because coming into fall tour season with these circumstances and believing it is going to be ok is entirely a faith issue.  It has definitely pulled us closer together”.

Despite all that has gone on, Conveyer shows no signs of slowing down and is focused on moving forward.  Showcasing an industrious live performance and a willingness to play anywhere, their future is bright.  Having recently returned from China and Australia, after their current US run Conveyer hope to take their talents to Europe and to continue to develop their fanbase.  “Our hope is to expand the reach of the places we go” says Gaskill, “we’re hoping to land some tours that reach new ears.” The band will also be releasing a video for the song “New Low” in the next few weeks.

It is clear that wherever they go and whatever happens next for Conveyer, they’ll be engaging in it with renewed drive and passion, never losing sight of the love they have for music and for sharing the hope that is in them.  Conveyer doesn’t just proclaim “no future without hope”, after everything they have been through, they embody it.

Conveyer shared the stage with Withered Bones, Rarity and Gold Finch on Friday, October 13th, 2017 in Waterloo, Canada:

Withered Bones:  From the outset, anyone watching Withered Bones knows quickly that they don’t care if they’re playing to 20 people, 200 people or 2000 people, the intensity of their live performance will not vary.  Sporting a Counterparts-esque sound, Withered Bones has just dropped a new single in anticipation of their new album In Search Of Self-Evidence which will be released on December 8th 2017 via Blood & Ink Records.

Rarity:  Who wouldn’t take the opportunity to see Rarity at a house show?  Exactly.  Playing under their pseudonym “Face Value” and hopping on the bill less than 24 hours before it started when a spot opened up, Rarity left the packed room thankful that they made the trip to Waterloo.  As it has been in recent months, a new song with the working title “Shawinigan” was part of the set.  In the days following this show, Rarity entered the studio with producer Sam Guaiana to record it and a number of other tracks that will make up their second full length album on Rise Records.

Gold Finch:  Gold Finch had the unique opportunity to headline a show in their hometown and both they and the crowd appreciated it.  After releasing two new songs this past summer and a successful first tour that took them from Ontario to Eastern Canada and back, look for some exciting things to be coming from the Gold Finch camp in 2018.

Catch Withered Bones and Conveyer on Tour:
Oct. 19-Long Island, NY-Shakers Pub
Oct. 20-Poughkeepsie, NY-The Loft
Oct. 21-Milville, NJ-Southwind Vineyard
Oct. 23-Greencastle, PA-The Breathing Room
Oct. 25-Charleston, SC-Burns Alley
Oct. 26-Orlando, FL-Uncle Lou’s
Oct. 28-Brandon, FL-Noise Box
Oct. 29-Columbus, GA-The Estate
Oct. 31-Macon, GA-5/4 Music Space
Nov. 1-Nashville, TN-That 70’s House


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