Sleeping With Sirens — Gossip

Sleeping With Sirens has been one of my favorite bands for longer than I can remember and when they released their new album Gossip I was more excited than most. Along with dropping their new album, they also announced an “Up Close and Personal” tour — so of course, I had to get tickets… to both shows in my city.

When I first listened to Gossip I was a little taken back because it was so different from their previous music. Instead of their usual “screw everyone- I do what I want” anthems, Gossip is a more adult album. The five-piece band from Florida has put out six albums, and some of my all-time favorite Sleeping With Sirens songs have come from Gossip.

Some of the tracks that stand out from the album are “One Man Army” (which I feel all of us can relate to in one way or another), “I Need To Know”, and “The Chase”. The songs on this album exceeded my expectations when it comes to the emotional depth that every song has. Gossip is by far one of the best Sleeping With Sirens albums we’ve been blessed with.

‘Gossip’ from Sleeping With Sirens

On the “Up Close and Personal” tour, I went to both Atlanta shows — the matinee and the sold-out evening show. Sleeping With Sirens was supported by Chase Atlantic, Palaye Royale, and The White Noise. Both times I saw this show each band brought something new and exciting to the table — but they knew what everyone was really there for. As the time for Sleeping With Sirens to take the stage grew closer, the excitement in the room was palpable.

For the matinee show, Sleeping With Sirens played a ten song set, but only played three songs from their new album. I’ll be honest, I was expecting a lot more songs from Gossip but they made up for it by putting on a show I will never forget. This was the first Sleeping With Sirens concert I’ve been to where this band got down in front of the barricade, crowd surfed, and interacted with the crowd. I’ve seen this band five times and every other time the crowd was too rough, the stage was too big, or they just weren’t feeling it so it was pretty amazing to see them interact the way they did with the crowd.

Photo: Skylar Cleland

As always, the band played their angry anthems and then took a break to slow it down a bit. This time they played “With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear” and “If You’re James Dean I’m Audrey Hepburn” — two of my all-time favorite songs from the band.

Unfortunately, the band didn’t play an encore for their matinee show. They closed it with “If You Can’t Hang” and we all cleared out so the venue staff could get ready for their evening performance.

I ended up by the barricade for the evening show and was completely expecting the same set list as the earlier performance — which was fine with me, but I was also hoping they’d play something a little different.

Photo: Skylar Cleland

When Sleeping With Sirens finally took the stage they started with the same songs they did for the earlier show.  They still had so much energy and presence on stage that it felt like an entirely new concert. They did add “Do It Now, Remember It Later” and “One Man Army” to the set list for the evening performance but changed it up last minute and played “Roger Rabbit” instead. I was actually really looking forward to hearing “One Man Army” live but “Roger Rabbit” was one of the first Sleeping With Sirens songs I ever heard live, so I can’t complain.

Honestly, the fact that this band was able to do two shows in one day and made both of them unforgettable is something I don’t think a lot of bands would be able to do. My respect for this band grew so much during these shows, and I hope they keep making music for as long as they can.

If you haven’t seen Sleeping With Sirens live, they’re a band you should definitely add to your concert bucket list. Every time I’ve seen them they’ve gotten better and brought something different to the table. If nothing else, I promise you’ll never be bored at a Sleeping With Sirens concert.

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