Seaway — Vacation

Whether you’re in the mood to let your punk side show or sing along to a pop song, Seaway’s third full-length album Vacation has you covered! Vacation is a perfect mixture of their punk sounding roots with “Misery In You” and some newly added pop sound with “Day Player”, not to mention a guest appearance by Caleb Shomo of Beartooth on “Scatter My Ashes By The Coast, Or Don’t”. This is truly a diverse album, and I would strongly recommend listening. My personal favorite song on their Vacation album is “When I Hang Up”.

‘Vacation’ from Seaway

Here’s a short background story on how I discovered Seaway. Being one of the opening acts for Simple Plan back in April 2017, alongside Set It Off, Seaway left a great first impression. They were so interactive with the crowd, something I truly enjoy seeing bands do! After that night, I looked further into their music and instantly fell in love.

Seaway will be joining one of my personal favorites, Silverstein, for the “Dead Reflection: World Phone 1 Tour”.  Also supporting Silverstein/Seaway on certain dates of the tour will be Trash Boat, Hail The Sun, Cedar Green, and Like Pacific. For more info on those dates, check their social media. I strongly encourage you to attend a date near you — It’ll be a great show! That’s all from me today, hope you enjoyed reading and always remember to keep rocking.

S 2
Dead Reflections: World Tour Phase 1 Poster. Creeper is no longer part of the tour due to issues out of their control. Credit: Silverstein

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