Iggy Pop — Post Pop Depression


Iggy Pop. What a name. What a legend. Just the thought of Iggy’s music and stage performance makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Over the years, Iggy has released a wide array of music and has changed the face of rock forever. That started with The Stooges’ self-titled debut album that was released in 1969. Many music historians credit this album as being the birth of Punk Rock.

Iggy has had a ton of success over the years partly because of his own style and presence, and partly because of the work he has done with other artists and producers. After the fall of The Stooges in the early 1970’s, Iggy began working with David Bowie, who had taken a liking to Iggy and what he was doing for music. Bowie loved Iggy so much that he decided to go on tour with Iggy and play keys throughout the entire tour. Bowie also helped to produce Iggy’s next few albums which included some of his most famous songs, such as Lust for Life.

Iggy’s desire to work and collaborate with the greatest artists in music has never died, and is ever apparent in his latest album Post Pop Depression. The album was produced by Josh Homme, of Queens of the Stone Age. Homme also played guitar, bass, piano, and synthesizer on the record.

If you are familiar with any of Josh’s work (QOTSA, Them Crooked Vultures, Eagles of Death Metal), you know that it has a feeling that is distinctly Josh. This record is also distinctly Iggy Pop. The two have combined forces on Post Pop Depression to bring you one of the coolest sounds that either superstar has ever been a part of throughout their respective careers.

Iggy’s voice is eerily weathered throughout the tracks of this album. When you think of typical Iggy Pop, I’m sure his fast pace music, lyrics, and antics come to mind. Please wipe those thoughts away because that is not what you are getting with Post Pop Depression. Each and every song is distinct yet similar, to give you a very cohesive and well calculated listening experience.

Pop and Homme have taken their show on the road for the Post Pop Depression Tour. The tour began on March 9th of this year in the USA, with the European/South American leg of the tour still going on today. So, if you happen to be in South America in the near future, and have the opportunity to see these legends perform on the Post Pop Depression Tour, don’t miss your chance. It very well may be the only time you will ever be able to see these two legends perform together!

— B

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