Every band has a story — How they started, how they met, how they write songs, their sound, inspiration, and so much more. GROUPLOVE is no different. They have a story and with the release of their third album, Big Mess, it’s another amazing chapter.

Hannah Hooper (vocals, keyboard) and her now husband Christian Zucconi (vocals, guitar) were living in New York. Hooper heard of Zucconi from his work with his former band ALOKE. Hooper invited Zucconi to an artist residency she was leaving for in a week in Crete, Greece. It was at this artist residency that the rest of the band met: Andrew Wessen, Ryan Rabin, and Sean Gadd. The rest is now part of their story.

GROUPLOVE has a sound that is reminiscent of the bubbly, poppy, catchy 1960s. Their first two albums Never Trust a Happy Song (2011) and Spreading Rumours (2013) are full of head-bobbing beats, uplifting vibes, and quirky lyrics. There is a chemistry you can feel in the music that represents the band as a whole — with the release of Big Mess (2016) you can still feel all the engaging qualities from the previous albums with an additional sense of growth, maturity, and musical advancement.

The band came into the music scene in a big way after the release of Spreading Rumours. They were touring all around the country, utilizing social media endlessly, and putting every ounce of energy into providing their fans an amazing experience. Big Mess, while maintaining their staple glorifying and beautifying vibes, was surrounded by chaos the group was experiencing after endless touring. The band returned to their home in L.A. to find it in shambles — neglected and forgotten while traveling and focusing on the amazing music they create.

GROUPLOVE certainly portrays optimism and bubbly happiness in all their music; however, just like you and me each member of the band experiences adversity and difficult situations in their daily lives. Big Mess does a great job of communicating this constant battle of feeling cheerful even when life tries to bring you down. The album doesn’t stray too far from the sound created in their first two albums but you can certainly tell the maturation — not only in the music but with the members of the band.

Tracks like “Enlighten Me”, “Welcome to Your Life”, and “Traumatized” expose the struggles the band was facing at the time. Hooper and Zucconi are new parents and are trying to balance the life of being in the spotlight while also raising their child. The album speaks to finding harmony, being true to yourself and the ones you love, and finding happiness in all facets of life. The symmetry GROUPLOVE provides in their lyrics and music for the listener to embrace is one of the most attracting qualities of the band. The rhythm of their music helps to find rhythm in our own lives.

GROUPLOVE is currently on tour. Check their website for a date near you: If they are close, make your way there for a night you will not forget or regret!

— Angelo

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